I’m back to stalking dogs in bags. I often meet them in Paris. The rules of the métro and bus allow dogs to be transported as long as they are in a bag. So you can’t really avoid dogs in bags. And who would want to ? This chap looks dashing in orange doesn’t he […]

Time for some more cake ! I walked past this fine window on Sunday and marvelled at these 2 types of French cakes and their prices (€45). But these are works of art and created by master craftsmen who know what they are doing. The name is well respected here in Paris. The name of […]


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Do you know this brand of heavenly scents – perfumend candles, eau de toilette, room sprays ? DIPTYQUE ? Their head office and main shop is close to our apartment and it’s such a treat to go in there and smell all the different candles. The gentleman in the shop is very knowledgeable and helpful […]

One of the lovely events we school parents organise is GLOBAL CUISINE. A cooking demonstration where someone, either in their own kitchen or in a borrowed kitchen, demonstrates a dish from home country. Today, Victoria who is Chinese showed us how to prepare CHINESE HOT POT. The fondue pot sits in the centre of the […]


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With so much excitement and so many visitors staying in Paris for the weekend – I didn’t get round to opening my presents until 2 days after my birthday – it was like having a 3 days continuous celebration. But great joy when I did open them up – among other treats was a watch […]

Linda and I finished off our molten hot chocolate at La Charlotte and just before she had to leave to get to the Eurostar, she said she would pop in and say goodbye to Keith + Hugh. We mounted the 4 flights of stairs, I opened the door and there, right there – was standing […]

Now I have to tell you about my wonderful birthday – it was 15th JANUARY. At midnight on 14th January, Keith gave me a printed instruction telling me to go to Gare du Nord on my birthday and wait by the barrier for the 10h17 train from London. No other info. At 10h17 my mystery […]


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Well….have you seen AVATAR yet ? Go ! But be sure to see it in 3D, get those 3D glasses on and get caught up in the magical mystery planet of Pandora in 2054. It is so beautiful. If you are interested in joining a lively debate on the film – there’s a very good […]

While wandering through one of Paris’s many beautiful hidden covered passages in the 2nd, I discovered this rather wild and whacky window display which definitely caught my eye. No obvious signage anywhere ; no big name badge at the door. Just in tiny discreet letters under the window displays JEAN PAUL GAULTIER and then of […]


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After leaving Hugh forever suspended in time, licking the chocolate bowl (hmm that would please him), I am making a come back and moving time forward…….

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