Now I have to tell you about my wonderful birthday – it was 15th JANUARY.

At midnight on 14th January, Keith gave me a printed instruction telling me to go to Gare du Nord on my birthday and wait by the barrier for the 10h17 train from London. No other info.
At 10h17 my mystery visitor arrived – my friend Linda ! Here in Paris to spend the day with me and not leaving until 8pm.
She had the day all planned out – she had researched everything – taking me for long lunch in a gorgeous restaurant she had researched LE GRAND COLBERT (it featured in the film “Something’s Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson) followed by a trip to our favourite chocolate shop – LA CHARLOTTE DE L’ÎLE.

We had the most wonderful chatting, gossiping, swopping stories day – here are some photos. BUT THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING….


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