Linda and I finished off our molten hot chocolate at La Charlotte and just before she had to leave to get to the Eurostar, she said she would pop in and say goodbye to Keith + Hugh.
We mounted the 4 flights of stairs, I opened the door and there, right there – was standing my friends from England – Angela + Jude who had arrived secretly by Eurostar !

Not only were they there – 34 of my Paris friends arrived – secretly invited by Keith to celebrate my birthday – unbeknown to me !!!
My wonderful Keith had organised all this on his own !

As we females know, this is not easy for the male of the species to get all the details right and get it all to work but he did it ! He had expected only half of the invitees to attend and instead every one of them said YES so he had then asked everyone to bring a dish and wine.

The food was beautiful and diverse and Keith had made a huge chilli con carne.

It was just the most fabulous incredible evening with so many lovely friends and unlimited champagne which flowed and flowed.
And I didn’t have to worry about any of the organisation ! I just enjoyed myself.
Rachel had even baked a superb chocolate cake and I was presented with a gift which took my breath away – an easy fish + crustaceans cook book (my big fear-not knowing how to cook fish) and a whole day or 2 half days at the famous chef Alain Ducasse’s cooking school !

How amazing is that ?

I was so happy.

And of course Linda wasn’t leaving at all ! She had known along about the whole thing.
Very definitely the best ever birthday and the best ever party.


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